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Buresh Blog: National Hurricane Conference... April averages... Solar eclipse!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — First Alert Neighborhood Weather Station Network:

I just completed a few days at the National Hurricane Conference in Orlando. The emphasis - as is just about always the case - was on mitigation & resiliency. And the National Hurricane Center will now include inland watches & warnings overlayed on the forecast cone. This is an important change in an attempt to illustrate that the impacts from a tropical storm or hurricane extend well beyond the center of the storm &, therefore, often times well outside the cone. More info. on the cone changes * here *.

The NHC will also now issue wind forecasts (radii) - at 39 & 58 mph [tropical storm force] - out to day 4 & day 5. Hurricane forecast wind radii will continue to be issued out to 2 days. More on all the NHC changes for the upcoming season * here *.

Talking with NHC forecaster Daniel Brown:

NHC Deputy Director Jamie Rhome:

Colorado State University hurricane researcher & forecaster Phil Klotzbach (first official preseason forecast to be issued April 4):

Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH):

“Time flies!” The April averages for JIA:

And so the “Great North American Eclipse” is almost here - April 8th! A lot of great info. at Action News Jax * here *. Make sure your playlist is ready! Eclipse “deals” * here *.