Fans get to enjoy an extra day of golf at THE PLAYERS Championship

After several rain delays, PGA officials are extending the tournament one day, and if you have a ticket from Thursday through Sunday, you’re in luck.

Keep in mind there are no Monday tickets for sale.

Guests made the most of their Sunday, but luckily for some, this wasn’t the end of their fun at The Players.

“[It’s my] first day here which I’m glad because I’m going to catch tomorrow. It’s like a bonus. If you think about it, you get Monday free now,” Robert Fellas said.

After rain and storms delayed play several times, PGA officials deemed Monday the last day of the tournament.

Previous Thursday- Sunday tickets will be allowed for grounds access only.

Gates open at 8 a.m.

Some guests are already making plans for their bonus day at the course.

“I think we’re going to call in sick. I hope our boss doesn’t see this but he’s pretty cool so we’re alright,” Justin Erickson said.

Planning ahead also means making a game plan for arriving early.

“We spent a lot of time traveling to get to the parking lot. So, that was a big issue. It was about two hours,” Kevin Delude said.

With four days’ worth of tickets being honored for Monday, some people said they’re concerned about capacity.

However, PGA officials said they’re not worried.

“We are not concerned about capacity but rather just excited that we have great weather on the forecast for our community to come out and enjoy the tournament and the final round. We really appreciate our fans and community’s patience as we did our best to navigate the challenges mother nature threw our way this week, and we hope that by allowing any Thursday-Sunday ticket holder to enjoy another day of golf, they can make the most of their experience at THE PLAYERS 2022,” PGA Tour Community Outreach Manager Emily Tillo said.

Complimentary parking will be available in the lot off County Road 210 at 5360 Palm Valley Road).

Officials said Monday will look similar to the other days of play. They said all of their local food partners will be open and a majority of the concession stands will be as well.

Guests will also be able to enjoy another day at the fan venues.

While some expressed their discontent with the extension of the tournament over a refund, others say it worked out for the best.

“I actually planned on being here on Friday but due to the rainout, they actually extended our tickets to be here for either Saturday or Sunday and such… the best day is Sunday,” Kenneth Melvin said.

Officials say the PGA Tour has an organization-wide policy that tickets are non-refundable.

That’s why they made it a goal to allow most ticket holders into Monday’s round to give guests as many chances as possible to enjoy the tournament.

For more information on the extra day of play on Monday, click here.